Kelly & Alex Wedding

Would you believe me if I told you that I've never been to a wedding? Well, not one that's actually of my own friends. It's either I was there as someone's date, or more recently, there to shoot the catering (lol). With that being said, Alex & Kelly's wedding was an extra extra special day! I couldn't be anymore happier for my friend Alex. Congrats HYPEKELLY!

Here is #KellyAlex2017 through my lens. I am not a wedding photographer so I do appreciate any feedback. Thank you! 

Alex waiting for his bride!

One beautiful woman, she sure is!

Rey (@eatnmingle) on duty for bubbles.

“I was made and meant to look for you
and wait for you and become yours forever.” 
― Robert Browning

Wedding reception at Casa Victoria

Mandatory shots before a 10-course meal!

Words of advice from one Alex to another.

Words of advice from one Alex to another.


A Weekend with All-Clad (Part I)

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of spending a weekend away with All-Clad. I have never gone "glamping" (I actually had to search that term!) before so when the opportunity presented itself I knew I had to take it. How can you say no to a cooking adventure AND to getting creative with fellow Instagram/foodie friends Abhishek (@abhishekdekate) and Anna (@food.diva)!? Definitely a test of our skills and friendships--from online to offline! 

Rice Lake is an hour and 45 minute drive outside of Toronto. From there, we took a ferry ride to a private 25-acre island called Island Spirits located on Grasshopper Island. The Captain, Trudy who was also the owner of the island, dropped us off right at our eco-cabin with its own private dock. We settled down, freshened up and explored the island before diving into our first food prep. 

There were so many animals and they were so friendly!

Fun signs were posted all over which brought the island alive and kept guests engaged.

Our mission on that island was to get creative by cooking our meals with All-Clad products. First was dinner and Abhishek assumed the role of head chef while Anna became the sous chef. I was there hanging out with my fuzzy friends (inside joke), taking pictures and cleaning up. (Most important role, I'd say! :P) For a detailed description of our feast, checkout Abhishek's blog post.

Abhishek sharing with Anna some knife skills 101.

@abhishekdekate cleaning up the rainbow trout!

All about that mise en place! 

Can't go wrong with sautéed asparagus! Simple but so good!

Our Chef & his Sous Chef :)

Linguini with Razor Clams

Jumbo Prawns with Garlic and Herbs

For our first meal, we really raised the bar! The process might have taken longer than if we prepared everything in the convenience of our homes but as long as you have the right tools and a great team then you can get creative and make it work. Sometimes even better than what you planned for! To me, that's what makes an All-Clad Glamper.


Planning to glamp it up this summer? Visit All-Clad's website for a look at their their collection. Let's see how you can get creative and cooking in the wild (As Abhishek would say!). ;)

Disclaimer: This post was in collaboration with All-Clad but all thoughts and recommendations are my own and based from my personal experience.

Own the Kitchen at Dish Cooking Studio

Now this is my kind of media event! Last week I was part of a group that "owned the kitchen" at Dish Cooking Studio. We learned how to poach, smoke and pickle. I know what you're thinking: I went to culinary school so the lesson should've been easy. Not exactly. I may have learned these methods but I definitely haven't practiced them. When it comes to cooking, it's all about the hands-on experience and getting right into the action!

Daniel of @dothedaniel rolling up his sleeves as Chef Erin (@cinammongirl6) gives him the lowdown. 

@thejennandthecity making some fresh pasta!

@mellyeatsworld obviously owning the mixer... :P

Such perfectly piped meringues! 

On the Menu:

Welcome Drink - Walter's Caesar with Smoked Paprika Rim & Pickled Bean
Smoked Salmon Salad with Quick Pickle Vegetable, Frisee, & Caper Aioli
Handmade Linguine with Smoked Ricotta, Basil, Prosciutto, & Poached Egg
Red Wine Poached Pear Pavlova, with Mascarpone Cream & Pickled Dried Cherry

I love that we all prepared each course together. The class was also at a slower pace than culinary school (and I didn't have to be graded after, hah!). At the end of it, the goal was to celebrate the fact that we prepared our meal together. In a way, it reminded me of The Creative Pantry: it brought people together by getting creative in the kitchen. 

Thank you so much to Chef Erin and everyone at @dishcookingstudio for such a fun evening! At the end of it, food is an experience and you guys made it a memorable one. <3

Spring Fling at Momofuku Daisho

Selection of pastries to start!

...and a little buzz!

The lovely girl behind @my.miao.

Food's out, cameras out!

The one that stole the show IMO. 

Chef Paula Navarrete

Thank you to everyone at Momofuku Toronto for having us! To Bianca and Jordana for the invite, and most of all to Chef Paula for that delicious spreadd! Congrats on the new spring menu, and couldn't have asked for a better experience than feastin' family-style with fellow creatives and foodies!

PayPal Canada Sunrise Breakfast

PayPal Canada's New HQ at MaRs Discovery District!

But first, HONEY! Tasting with Nude Bee Honey Co. while waiting for the breakfast bar

20170223- Paypal Canada HQ - 01681.jpg

Amazing set-up of a breakfast buffet bar!

Jay from Rooster Coffee House making some magic (aka coffee)!

Daniel doing the Daniel ;) 

More coffee with Java Works!

20170223- Paypal Canada HQ - 01743.jpg

Build your own bouquet bar with Wild North Flowers!

20170223- Paypal Canada HQ - 01627.jpg

Congrats PayPal for the awesome new space, and special thanks to the Edelman team for the invite!