Scott: Coffee as a Medium

If there is anyone I know who can curate the "torontocoffeeculture" hashtag, it would be my friend Scott. He is already on his third #dailycortado before you even start your dayjust kidding. (No, not really.) He has Toronto mentally mapped out by all the cafes, both independent and chained, that he has either visited or have been wanting to visit. But his caffeine frenzy goes beyond addiction. It's a medium of connection. 

"It's strange because where I grew up coffee has always just been about a drink that acted as a means to an end, i.e. the perfect cushion for an early work morning. This idea of connection through coffee as a medium was a relatively foreign concept which only developed as I moved to Canada. Eager to get acquainted with the city that I was going to call homecombined with the drop in temperatureled me to increase my caffeine intake. In doing so, I began to explore my relationship with the city."

"Over time my relationship with cafes and [the local] coffee culture have become more about the experience: the interconnection between me, the space, the people in the space, and the relationship we create through these cups of liquid gold."

Scott Markle

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