The One with the Lamb Bourguignon

Recipe Development & Styling by Abhishek Dekate | Photography by Alexa Fernando

Julia Child once said,  "People who love to eat are always the best people." That's true but I think people who love to cook are way better. Why? Take my friend Abhishek for example. He called me up the other day to watch over his Lamb Bourguignon while he went out for a meeting. I remember entering his place and a distinct aroma immediately came to greet me. I checked on the stew in the oven and I knew I hit a jackpot with having Abhi as a friend. ;)

When he came back, we had our first TCP shoot for 2016. It reminded me of our very first shoot as a creative duo except this time it wasn't as messy nor did it take as long. We communicated our ideas better, giving suggestions on setup and styling, to get the mood that he specifically wanted. He was the one that cooked the dish after all. I was simply there to assist, to help bring together his story of his first lamb bourguignon.

That evening, I saw how Abhishek and I have grown the past few months--as a team, as friends, and as individuals that continually inspire each other. Food may provide comfort, but it's the relationships you build around it that brings the experience home.