An Indian Summer with Naomi Cowan

One afternoon in November, I was on my way home and passed through Trinity Bellwoods Park. I was amazed by the colours and published on my Snapchat story asking if anyone wants to be my model. Naomi was the only one that responded and few minutes later we had set up an impromptu shoot!

“Each day the sun shone, the birds lingered, though the trees were turning, purely out of habit, and their rose and yellow and rust looked strange and beautiful above the brilliant green grass.” 

I have always wanted to take Naomi's portraits. She has such a vibrant personality which I find it fitting that we shot this set during an indian summer in Toronto. An indian summer is defined as "a period of unusually warm weather in autumn". I had started my grad program earlier that season and I noticed that all the work was making my personality "cold". Meeting up with Naomi and listening to her latest adventures was so heart-warming and I felt my soul come alive again.

But Naomi has that natural glow--be it an indian summer or not. Her bright smile, her sparkly eyes, her powerful laughter and her beautiful voice can fill up a space (physical or digital!) with so much warmth, joy, hope and love. Her presence alone is contagious--a blessing--and whenever I'm around her I always feel like it's summer. :)

Thank you for being one of the brightest stars (aka a "sun") in my life, Naomi! You have no idea but you inspire me in SO many ways. I wouldn't be where I am today and pursuing my passion in digital media without you. Thank you for pushing me, for believing in me, for opening my eyes, and especially, for always reminding me that faith and community goes a long way in whichever journey I embark on. Love you! 

Also, did I mention that Naomi is an AMAZING singer? Check out her Facebook Page and Instagram for more!