Clocktower Bar

Last Thursday, May 12th, I got invited to an Instagrammer event at Clocktower. It's a new cocktail bar by the Boxcar Social boys, situated right next to their Summerhill location. It was a casual afternoon of cocktail demonstrations and course tastings. Abhishek and I came in tandem, matching with a floral outfit theme that also went with our first drink: the Elder-Royal. 

What better way to start the buzz with an edible hibiscus in my prosecco. ;)

Overly excited event host Lauren of @thisrenegadelove. Trust me the feeling was mutual!

The Creative Pantry  Co-Founder  @abhishekdekate  blending in with the wall.

The Creative Pantry Co-Founder @abhishekdekate blending in with the wall.

Spirits from Dillon's Distillery

Spence making magic behind the bar!

Boxcar x Clocktower Special: London Fog Cocktail (earl grey infused gin, galliano, blueberry blossom honey, vanilla bitters, egg white)

Toronto Bloggers @sashaexeter of SoSasha & @melsays

When Instagrammers find a decent wallpaper!

The Creative Pantry duo: @ajfernando (aka me!) & @abhishekdekate

@melsays x @thisrenegadelove x @sashaexeter
Love these beautiful and inspiring ladies! 

Photo by  @matthew.robin

Corpse Reviver 2 (Photo by @matthew.robin)

Yup, it's going to be another @abhishekdekate album. Here's my boo with @didier_yhc!

Persephone (Prosecco, cucumber infused gin, st-germain, lime, simple)

Persephone (Prosecco, cucumber infused gin, st-germain, lime, simple)

Toasted to order (!!!) Bourbon S'mores Bar from @bakeshoppeto

One of my favorite Instagram duos: @tilore x @mich.dee. Nice to finally meet you guys!

Finally got some portraits of @matthew.robin.  Talented guy from his words, to his photos, and to his music. He just released his record which I AM IN LOVE. Check it out on Spotify or iTunes!

#cocktailsandshoes - That's a thing, right?

Ryan or 'King Gorgeous' according to @matthew.robin!

How cute are we?! #instacouplestatus

And of course a #wallportrait had to happen after!

One thing you need to know about this community is that we love to jump together. 

Special thanks to Lauren of This Renegade Love for organizing this! It was so nice to get together with fellow Toronto Instagrammers, catching up with old friends, meeting new faces and finally connecting from online to offline. 

But mostly, thank you to everyone at Boxcar Social and Clocktower Bar for hosting this amazing event! Excited for this new venture for you guys! Such a beautifully crafted cocktail menu and in a stunning space. Congrats! I'll definitely be back soon--and more often. ;)