Own the Kitchen at Dish Cooking Studio

Now this is my kind of media event! Last week I was part of a group that "owned the kitchen" at Dish Cooking Studio. We learned how to poach, smoke and pickle. I know what you're thinking: I went to culinary school so the lesson should've been easy. Not exactly. I may have learned these methods but I definitely haven't practiced them. When it comes to cooking, it's all about the hands-on experience and getting right into the action!

Daniel of @dothedaniel rolling up his sleeves as Chef Erin (@cinammongirl6) gives him the lowdown. 

@thejennandthecity making some fresh pasta!

@mellyeatsworld obviously owning the mixer... :P

Such perfectly piped meringues! 

On the Menu:

Welcome Drink - Walter's Caesar with Smoked Paprika Rim & Pickled Bean
Smoked Salmon Salad with Quick Pickle Vegetable, Frisee, & Caper Aioli
Handmade Linguine with Smoked Ricotta, Basil, Prosciutto, & Poached Egg
Red Wine Poached Pear Pavlova, with Mascarpone Cream & Pickled Dried Cherry

I love that we all prepared each course together. The class was also at a slower pace than culinary school (and I didn't have to be graded after, hah!). At the end of it, the goal was to celebrate the fact that we prepared our meal together. In a way, it reminded me of The Creative Pantry: it brought people together by getting creative in the kitchen. 

Thank you so much to Chef Erin and everyone at @dishcookingstudio for such a fun evening! At the end of it, food is an experience and you guys made it a memorable one. <3