My Skills

I specialize in digital strategy, creative direction and millennial marketing. As a visual storyteller, I am skilled in photography, content creation and social media. II create art and design experiences that deeply connect with people. I am driven by inspiring others into action and to make a difference—from online to offline.

My Passion

I am passionate in connecting others, in sharing culture and in building community. I help businesses and individuals communicate their own stories through unique ideas, authentic storytelling and engaging visuals.

My Approach

These days people don't want to just see a story. It's about making them feel like they are a part of the story. I do this by capturing the everyday moments and sharing the process. I focus on having meaningful conversations and building stronger relationships.  Instead of jumping on a trend and producing a one-time exchange, my goal is to build a community that continuously believes in a brand. By working with me, we can create a movement.

Interested in making something great together? Please send me an email at info[at] or you can fill in the form on this page.

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