Kelly & Alex Wedding

Would you believe me if I told you that I've never been to a wedding? Well, not one that's actually of my own friends. It's either I was there as someone's date, or more recently, there to shoot the catering (lol). With that being said, Alex & Kelly's wedding was an extra extra special day! I couldn't be anymore happier for my friend Alex. Congrats HYPEKELLY!

Here is #KellyAlex2017 through my lens. I am not a wedding photographer so I do appreciate any feedback. Thank you! 

Alex waiting for his bride!

One beautiful woman, she sure is!

Rey (@eatnmingle) on duty for bubbles.

“I was made and meant to look for you
and wait for you and become yours forever.” 
― Robert Browning

Wedding reception at Casa Victoria

Mandatory shots before a 10-course meal!

Words of advice from one Alex to another.

Words of advice from one Alex to another.