An Evening at Balzac's Powerhouse

I had the opportunity to visit Balzac's newest cafe at Powerhouse for an intimate sit down dinner. First of all, the space is STUNNING. I can only imagine what it's like as a cafe but as an event space--the exposed brick, high ceilings and big windows--it is PERFECT. It would be a dream to host a meet-up there one day! *hint hint*

For that evening, they set up a long table across the room which was styled by Love by Lynzie. It looked like it came out of Pinterest with carefully curated pieces and the most beautiful flowers by The Little Shed Flower. Dinner was a special three-course meal prepared by The Tempered Room that matched the vibe of the evening. 

While the space was the highlight, the people they brought together made the experience. A few friends from Instagram were there (@abhishekdekate, @globalgarcon and @thiswildheart), some industry friends (Kayla Rocca, Kara Lynne Wark), but it seemed that each guest had a unique story/purpose/contribution to the dinner. Each conversation I had was filled with light, openness and genuineness that certainly made the evening even more magical. Balzac's didn't just achieve in showcasing their newest cafe/event space, they showcased the importance of gatherings and community in these spaces. 

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Balzac's Powerhouse
29 Powerhouse Street, Toronto | @balzacscoffee